ABUS WBA 100 Hardened Steel Floor Anchor

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ABUS WBA 100 Hardened Steel Floor Anchor Description

Product Description Attach securely? Of course! But where? Many locks make it possible to attach a bike to a fixed point, to provide better protection against theft. Unfortunately, there are not always strong objects available to which they can be attached. ABUS offers various anchoring solutions that provide a very strong fixing on the floor or wall of your property. These high-quality security solutions provide a point of attachment that is just as strong as the lock itself. From the Manufacturer The WBA-100 floor anchor is constructed from a high quality plastic, which is so strong a vehicle can be driven over it without breaking or cracking. This feature coupled with a .63′ diameter hardened steel shackle makes this the most durable floor anchor design available. The extra wide shackle base allows for easy locking and unlocking and can fit almost any type of chain or padlock. All mounting hardware is included.

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